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If a situation feels wrong, it is! If you get pressured by the kids at school to try something uncomfortable or something you know is wrong, there are ways out. Sometimes it's best to just say NO and walk away from the situation. Think of different scenarios and practice ways to get out of them with your mom and dad. That way, you can get yourself out of uncomfortable, pressuring situations without feeling nervous.

Do a little role-playing. Your mom or dad can play the bully and you can play YOU. Just like fire safety, the more you practice, the better prepared you will be. Here are some statements you could use:

  • I really want to be your friend. I think you are cool, but I just don't want to _____.
  • If I did that, I would be grounded until college!Two boys sitting and talking
  • Tomorrow I have a big tournament and need to stay on top of my game!
  • I would rather not get grounded for life or kicked out of school for trying _____.
  • Well, that is just not my thing. If it is your thing, that is cool though. But, hey, did you hear the latest joke? Knock, knock? Who's there? (Continue with a joke).

You can say NO, you can try and change the topic of conversation, or you can leave the conversation completely.