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Cartoon graphic of a boy starting the hurdle raceReady to Race? Answer TRUE or FALSE to each statement. For each answer you get right, you'll clear a hurdle on your way to the finish line. If you're wrong, you'll have a little trouble clearing the hurdle, but stay on track — you can still finish the race!

Hurdle 1
I heard that wearing heavy clothes while being physically active will make me sweat more, so I lose weight faster.


Hurdle 2
I heard that drinking water before and during physical activity will give me sideaches.


Hurdle 3
I heard that "No pain, no gain" is a good physical activity motto to have.


Hurdle 4
I heard that being physically active can cheer me up.


Hurdle 5
I heard that warming up and stretching are two totally different things.


Hurdle 6
I heard that I'll see a change in my body after being active for only a few weeks.


Hurdle 7
I heard that if I stop being active, the muscles I've built will turn to fat.


Cartoon graphic: A boy running towards the hurdlesHurdle 8
I heard that physical activity that zaps my energy will leave me too tired to do anything afterward.


Hurdle 9
I heard that I should always cool down after I do a physical activity.


Hurdle 10
I heard that if I can't sing along with my favorite tunes during a workout without huffing and puffing, I'm working too hard.


Hurdle 11
I heard that PE class is too short to have any healthy benefits.



Hurdle 12
I heard that physical activity is only worthwhile if I'm really good at it, or if I do it for a long time.


Hurdle 13
I heard that I can get athlete's foot by walking barefoot in the locker room.


Hurdle 14
I heard that people with asthma shouldn't do physical activity.


Hurdle 15
I heard that getting regular activity can stunt my growth.


Hurdle 16
I heard that exercising outside when it's really hot can be dangerous.


Cartoon graphic: boy crossing the finish lineHurdle 17
I heard that some types of physical activity are better for my bones than others.


Good Job!


You made it over the finish line! But practice makes perfect — do you feel a speed streak coming on?

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