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Tough Choices Quiz Show

Tough Choices

1. Peer Pressure is always bad


2. Alcohol is a:

3. Bacteria can grow on food and cause you to get super sick. What can you do to keep food safe to eat?

show host4. It’s fine to bounce around on the school bus. You’re just getting rid of that energy you stored up in class.


5. When you are conducting an experiment in science class, you should put safety goggles on even though they look a little ridiculous.


6. True or false: If you know how to swim, you can get away without a lifejacket when you’re out in a boat.


7. Which is the safer choice?

Game in Progress8. You’re okay without your seat belt for short trips, as long as you won’t be going on the highway.


9. You can get serious burns from your own faucet.


10. How many kids volunteer regularly?


Bonus Question!

11. Why does someone become a bully?

show host

Congratulations! You completed the quiz. How did you do?

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