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Grind your Mind


1. Your friends are all picking on one person at school for no reason. You’d like to do something about it, but you’re afraid that if you do, no one will like you anymore. You should just join in the teasing to let your friends know that you are really one of them.


2. Your friends are asking you to do something wrong, or something that makes you nervous or uncomfortable, like shoplifting from your favorite store, cheating on a test, or lying to your parents about where you are. You should suggest something else that is still fun and exciting but won’t get you in trouble.


Cartoon drawing of a boy riding his skateboard

3. Everyone always makes such a big deal about staying out of trouble - but sometimes it seems fun to do something you know you shouldn’t. It’s not like anyone would know if you stole a street sign or skipped a class. Nothing that bad ever really happens.


4. One of your friends is smoking a cigarette and it looks kind of cool. It wouldn’t be so bad to just have one.


5. You’re with your friends and everyone else is drinking. They all want you to try a beer and you’re not sure what to do. You don’t know how to say no, and you want to feel like you belong, so you should just go ahead and try it.


6. The “in” crowd can be a cruel place to be - everyone is always worried about losing their place or doing something stupid. It’s better to have a group of friends who like you for who you are - not who you pretend to be!


Way to go! You kick flipped through this tough peer pressure challenge.

Try again!