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Do you know what advocate means? Did you know that you can become one?

An advocate (ad-vo-cate) is someone who speaks up and supports a cause or movement! For example, if you believe smoking is dangerous and using cigarettes can damage your health now and in the future, you can be an advocate against cigarette smoking and tobacco use.

Celebrities like Boyz II Men and Christy Turlington are advocates to help people understand why they’re better off if they don’t start to smoke. And now, you can join their ranks and get involved! You can make a difference. Check out the cool things that kids have done to help.

stop smokingMeantime, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Wear an anti-smoking t-shirt or other fun gear like hats, stickers or backpacks
  • Work with a teacher to hand out educational flyers at a school assembly
  • Support a tobacco-free school environment and team-up with a teacher to hang up educational posters around school
  • Take a health class to learn even more about tobacco and the risks smoking can have on your health
  • See what kinds of smoking restrictions there are in your town. Is smoking allowed in schools? In restaurants? If so, you can become involved in a community action campaign to get those laws changed and help prevent people from being exposed to tobacco smoke
  • Here is your opportunity to make a difference and change lives!