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Some kids in your class might have started doing (or talking about) stuff that you know is wrong and you don’t want to do—for whatever reason. Maybe they’re smoking before practice, or sneaking drinks from their parents’ liquor cabinet, or taking the car out for a spin when their parents aren’t home, or maybe they’re shoplifting from a local store, or cheating on quizzes at school.

You know what they’re doing can be major bad news. But what you might not know is WHY they’re trying these things.

As you get older, you start looking for a little more independence. You’d rather be hanging with your friends than be at home with your family. Maybe you look up to the kids in high school ‘cause they seem like they get to do more. Just remember, as you get older, you will be able to spread your wings a little too. Having more freedom comes with age, but so does responsibility.

hiking gear

Most everyone your age wants to try new, exciting things, which is great. But some kids want to do things they’re not supposed to because they are risky and sometimes dangerous. But you know that there are good reasons why you shouldn’t do some things—because they are wrong, can get out of hand, and you are not ready for them—like smoking, drinking, driving, or having other kids over when your parents aren’t home.

But not wanting to risk getting grounded doesn’t mean you can’t do anything exciting. If you’re craving something that’ll knock your socks off, get out there. There are loads of thrilling things you can do without risking getting in trouble or hurting yourself: try a new sport, go to a dance, or watch a scary movie.

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