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A lot of the images you see in movies, magazines and on TV show people of all ages having a great time at wild parties, cook-outs,and sporting events that involve smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. Even kids in your class talk about the wild times they have. If you are like most kids your age, you want to have a good time going to parties and hanging your friends. But, you don’t want to smoke or drink just to fit in or be left out of the fun either.

Believe it—most kids don’t smoke. Out of 100 kids, only 8 smoke regularly. Only 13 have smoked in the last month. That means that 92 pf 100 don't smoke normally and 87 never smoke!

Also, most kids don’t drink—93 kids out of 100 don’t drink.

TV and MagazinesThat means there are tons of kids that you can spend some cigarette-free time with, and you can avoid all the nasty side effects (like grounding for life and hurting your body as it grows). You can have a ball with card games, trips to an amusement park, or going swimming. Bonus: smoke-free friends won’t bum all your gum to cover up their ashtray-breath!