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Hi, I’m Michael—I’m all about baseball, tae kwon do, and volunteer activities that keep me moving’. See, to me physical activity is about finding the best fit for yourself. We all want to have energy and feel great. Physical activity can deliver that, but we’re not all going to run out and do a marathon, right?! So, in my section you’ll find the inspiration and tools to find the right fit for you.

Welcome to Physical Activity - My inspiration and infromation will get you movin'!  What are you waiting for?  Click below
Cartoon graphic of a boy playing basketball

Motion Commotion
The BAM! profile quiz can help you get into activities you will like.

Activity Cards: Is there an activity you want to know more about? Not sure of how to play or what gear you’ll need? Look no further — it’s all right here!

Activity Cards

Meet the Challenge: See how athletes overcome physical challenges to make it to the top.

Meet the Challenge