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Cartoon graphic of a boy playing basketball

Wanna focus on fitness? Are you a fast-paced thrill seeker or a cool competitor? What types of activities do you like to do? Take this six-point quiz to find out what activities fit your personality to a “T”.The coolest physical activities are ones that I can do with my friends, or that give me a way to meet new people.


I get pumped up for physical activity because it makes me feel better and helps me stay in shape.


The kind of activities I like are risky and exciting. I like to move like lightning or change directions quickly.


What a move! I like to do physical activities that look incredible when others do them. I appreciate their moves and want to do them too.


For me, physical activities are major stress relievers. I can take a break from my problems not only by doing the activities, but also by watching others do them.


No pain, no gain! I like activities that are physically tough. Give me a long hard practice any day – even if I have to give up other things for it.