Lateral compartment of leg

Lateral compartment of leg
Arteryfibular artery
Nervesuperficial fibular nerve
Latincompartimentum cruris laterale
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The lateral compartment of the leg contains:

MuscleProximal AttachmentDistal AttachmentInnervationMain Action
Fibularis longusHead and superior two thirds of lateral surface of fibulaBase of 1st metatarsal and medial cuneiformSuperficial fibular nerve
(L5, S1, S2)
Everts foot and weakly plantarflexes ankle
Fibularis brevisInferior two thirds of lateral surface of fibulaDorsal surface of tuberosity on lateral side of base of 5th



Nerve Supply

The lateral compartment of the leg is supplied by the superficial fibular nerve (superficial peroneal nerve).

Blood Supply

Its proximal and distal arterial supply consists of perforating branches of the posterior tibial artery and fibular artery.[3]

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