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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a media request outside business hours. What should I do?

A: For urgent media requests outside of our normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, excluding federal holidays), call 404-639-2888 for instructions. The on-call press officer will be able to assist you. For non-urgent requests, e-mail, and we will respond on the next business day.

Q: Why is it necessary to go through a press officer when I want to talk with a CDC expert?

A: Press officers are here to make sure your questions get answered by the best spokesperson for your story, within your deadline. CDC experts are working scientists, and may not be available for interviews at all times. A press officer can help you find the best expert or spokesperson to answer your questions.

Q: Where can I get images for my story or publication?

A: The Newsroom Image Library contains the most commonly asked-for photos and images. CDC’s Public Health Image Library (PHIL) contains many more high resolution pictures, graphs, and illustrations. Most of these images are in the public domain.

Q: Are CDC materials on the web copyrighted?

A: CDC materials available on the web site are in the public domain (free of copyright restrictions) unless otherwise noted. The CDC logo is NOT in the public domain, and may not be used without a trademark licensing agreement.

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Q: Can I use the CDC logo in my publication?

A: The CDC logo is NOT in the public domain. It is a trademarked image, and may not be used by non-CDC parties without a trademark licensing agreement. If you are a partner and would like to enter into a trademark agreement with CDC, please contact the Technology Transfer Office at (770) 488-8600 or e-mail them at

Q: How can I obtain CDC Public Service Announcements and/or B-roll to use for my production?

A: Send an e-mail with your name, organization, contact information, and video content requested to, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Q: I am not a reporter, but I would like to speak with someone about a disease or health issue. What number should I call?

A. Call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636). Press 1 for English, and 3 for “All Other Questions.” You will be connected to an operator who can answer your questions, or direct you further. Or, visit the Contact CDC page to find additional contact information.

Q: How do I get contact information for a specific person at CDC?

A: Call Directory Services, at (404) 639-3311.

Q: How do I sell advertising space or donate public service announcement space to CDC?

A: CDC does not regularly purchase advertising space. However, if you have space to donate for a public service announcement, please contact media relations at (404) 639-3286.

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Q: Are CDC facilities open to the public?

A: CDC’s Global Health Odyssey Museum is open to the public. CDC does not provide public tours of its laboratories or other facilities.

Q: How can my organization get someone from CDC to speak at our event?

A: Contact the Speakers Bureau at (404) 639-7796, or visit their website to complete the Speaker Request Form.

Q: My organization would like to create a partnership with CDC. Whom should I contact?

A: For information on CDC Partnerships, visit

Q: My company’s communication products and services may benefit CDC. Whom should I contact about a potential business relationship?

A: Thank you for contacting CDC about your communication products and services. To pursue contract work with CDC, you may go to the General Services Administration (GSA) website at and apply to be included in their vendor list or schedules, which CDC programs may use for services. Go to the section for Contractors and Vendors to find out how to get on a GSA schedule. The GSA Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions schedule may be appropriate for your type of services. You may also want to search on the site for MOBIS Schedules (Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services).

In addition, CDC general funding opportunities are listed on the CDC Procurement and Grants Office webpage, This would be a way to learn about CDC program requests for contracts. Lastly, you can register with Federal Business Opportunities at to find out about federal contract work from all agencies.

Q: How can my organization apply for a grant or funding from CDC?

A: Information on CDC funding opportunities is available on the Procurement and Grants Office (PGO) Web site.

Q: Where can I find CDC job listings and information on careers?

A: For federal job listings and information go to General information about CDC employment is available on our website at

Q: I would like CDC to link to my website. What is your policy on linking to other websites?
A: CDC does not engage in reciprocal linking, and typically only links to other government websites and websites created by CDC’s partners. CDC cannot endorse nor guarantee in any way the external organizations, services, advice, or products included in non–governmental or non–partner website links. However, the CDC website is a public domain website, which means you may link to us at no cost and without special permission. For more information on CDC’s linking policy, click here.

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