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CDC Foundation

Established by Congress as an independent, nonprofit organization, the CDC Foundation connects CDC with private-sector organizations and individuals to build public health programs that make our world healthier and safer, extending CDC’s life-saving work.

CDC Foundation partnerships help CDC launch new programs, expand existing programs that show promise, or establish a proof of concept through a pilot project before scaling it up. Outside support gives CDC’s experts the flexibility to quickly and effectively connect with partners, information and technology to address a public health challenge.

Because CDC is a federal agency, all scientific findings resulting from CDC research are available to the public and open to the broader scientific community for review. Funding for CDC’s work provided through the CDC Foundation is not contingent on the outcomes of research or other scientific activity being favorable to one or more partners. The CDC Foundation works with CDC to ensure that programs will have a meaningful impact for CDC and public health, and complement CDC’s priorities and ongoing work.  The CDC and CDC Foundation each have review procedures in place to safeguard against possible conflict of interest.

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