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Food Safety

Photo: A fresh produce.

Foodborne diseases affect tens of millions of people and kill thousands in the United States each year. They also cause billions of dollars in healthcare-related and industry costs annually.CDC has identified reducing foodborne diseases as a winnable battle. With additional effort and support for evidence-based, cost-effective strategies that we can implement now, we will have a significant impact on our nation’s health.

This food safety briefing folder provides a snapshot of the context and background for this priority area, as well as descriptions of some of the systems, policy, and programmatic interventions pursued by CDC and our public health partners at the federal, state and local levels. This information will be updated periodically as new data or relevant information becomes available.

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Ensure food safetyProgress Report [PDF – 175 KB]
Foodborne diseases sicken 1 out of 6 Americans each year.

Food Safety Briefing Materials:

Supplemental materials include: