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Treatment Regimens for Latent TB Infection (LTBI)

The four treatment regimens for latent TB infection (LTBI) use isoniazid (INH), rifapentine (RPT), or rifampin (RIF). Treatment must be modified if the patient is a contact of an individual with drug-resistant TB disease. Consultation with a TB expert is advised if the known source of TB infection has drug-resistant TB.

Latent TB Infection Treatment Regimens

Drugs Duration Interval Comments
Isoniazid 9 months Daily Preferred treatment for:
  • Persons living with HIV
  • Children aged 2-11
  • Pregnant Women (with pyridoxine/vitamin B6 supplements)
Twice weekly* Preferred treatment for:
  • Pregnant Women (with pyridoxine/vitamin B6 supplements)
Isoniazid 6 months Daily
Twice weekly*
Isoniazid and Rifapentine 3 months Once weekly* Treatment for Persons 12 years or older
Not recommended for persons who are:
  • Younger than 2 years old,
  • Living with HIV/AIDS taking antiretroviral treatment,
  • Presumed infected with INH or RIF-resistant M. tuberculosis, and
  • Women who are pregnant or expect to become pregnant within the 12–week regimen.
Rifampin 4 months Daily

*Use Directly Observed Therapy (DOT)

Note: Due to the reports of severe liver injury and deaths, CDC recommends that the combination of rifampin (RIF) and pyrazinamide (PZA) should not be offered for the treatment of latent TB infection.

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