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Patient Education Materials Series

​The patient education materials series covers six topics —TB disease, TB infection, tuberculin skin testing, TB contact investigation, TB and HIV coinfection, and TB medicine. The materials are in English (low literacy), Spanish with English translation, Tagalog with English translation, and Vietnamese with English translation.  The materials are available for download and to order from the CDC online ordering system.

Get the Facts About TB Disease

A booklet about TB transmission, treatment for TB disease, and how to communicate with family and friends about TB.


What You Need to Know About TB Infection

A booklet on TB infection, including the TB skin test, treatment, and adherence to medication.

What You Need to Know About the TB Skin Test

A fact sheet on the basics of the TB skin test.

Protect Your Family and Friends From TB: The TB Contact Investigation

A booklet on how to protect family and friends from TB and how to talk to a healthcare worker during a contact investigation.

Take Steps to Control TB When You Have HIV

A booklet about the importance of TB testing, treating TB infection, and treating TB disease when a person has HIV.

Staying on Track with TB Medicine

A booklet about treatment and ways to adhere to medication regimens for TB infection and TB disease.