Mental foramen

The mental foramen is one of two foramina (openings) located on the anterior surface of the mandible. It transmits the terminal branches of the inferior alveolar nerve and vessels (the mental artery). The mental foramen descends slightly in toothless individuals.[1]

Mental foramen
Mandible. Outer surface. Side view. (Mental foramen visible at left.)
Latinforamen mentale
Anatomical terms of bone
The mandibular incisive canal (indicated here by coral green arrows) continuing anteriorly (to the right) from the mandibular canal (purple arrows) after the mental foramen (light green circle).


The most frequent position (63%) of the mental foramen is in line with the longitudinal axis of the 2nd premolar tooth and generally lies at the level of the vestibular fornix and about a finger’s breadth above the inferior border of the mandible. Multiple mental foramina are observed in 17% of the sides. Only (4%) of the mandibles show bilateral multiple mental foramina. The majority of the multiple foramina are unequal in size: a single large foramen while the others are small (satellite) foramina. An incisive mental foramen is observed in 1% of the sides.[2]

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