Cerebellar veins

Cerebellar veins are veins which drain the cerebellum.

Cerebellar veins
Corresponding arterial circulation of the cerebellum (AICA and PICA).
Veins and plexa of the cerebellum seen.
Drains fromcerebellum
Drains todural venous sinuses
LatinVenae cerebelli
Anatomical terminology

They consist of the superior cerebellar veins and the inferior cerebellar veins.

The superior cerebellar veins pass partly forward and medialward, across the superior vermis, to end in the straight sinus and the internal cerebral veins, partly lateralward to the transverse and superior petrosal sinuses.

The inferior cerebellar veins are of large size and end in the transverse, superior petrosal, and occipital sinuses.

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