Supraorbital nerve

The supraorbital nerve is a terminal branch of the trigeminal nerve.

Supraorbital nerve
Nerves of the orbit seen from above (supraorbital nerve labeled at upper right)
The tarsi and their ligaments. Right eye; front view. (Supraorbital nerve labeled at upper right.)
FromOphthalmic division, frontal nerve
Innervatesfrontal sinus
LatinNervus supraorbitalis
Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy

It passes through the supraorbital foramen, and gives off, in this situation, palpebral filaments to the upper eyelid. Additionally it supplies the conjunctiva of the eye, the frontal sinus and the skin from the forehead extending back to the middle of the scalp.


It then ascends upon the forehead, and ends in two branches, a medial and a lateral, which supply the integument of the scalp, reaching nearly as far back as the lambdoidal suture; they are at first situated beneath the frontalis:

  • the medial branch perforates the muscle.
  • the lateral branch perforates the galea aponeurotica.

Both branches supply small twigs to the pericranium.

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