Zygomaticotemporal nerve

The zygomaticotemporal nerve or zygomaticotemporal branch (temporal branch) is a small nerve in the face. It is derived from the zygomatic nerve, a branch of the maxillary nerve. It runs along the lateral wall of the orbit in a groove in the zygomatic bone, receives a branch of communication from the lacrimal nerve, and passes through the zygomaticotemporal foramen in the zygomatic bone to enter the temporal fossa.

Zygomaticotemporal nerve
Distribution of the maxillary and mandibular nerves and the submaxillary ganglion
FromMaxillary nerve
LatinRamus zygomaticotemporalis nervi zygomatici
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It ascends between the bone and the substance of the temporalis muscle, pierces the temporal fascia about 2.5 cm. above the zygomatic arch, and is distributed to the skin of the side of the forehead, and communicates with the facial nerve and with the auriculotemporal branch of the mandibular nerve.

As it pierces the temporal fascia, it gives off a slender twig, which runs between the two layers of the fascia to the lateral angle of the orbit.


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