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The worksite health promotion (WHP) literature becomes more robust every year as employers and researchers recognize the potential that WHP programs have to reduce costs and improve worker's health and wellbeing. One topic in WHP that is currently being studied and programs are being implemented in is walkability. Walkability is a measurement of the transportation and recreation opportunities for pedestrians, and considers pedestrian safety, convenience, and route aesthetics. This topic has been explored extensively in the community health literature, but currently, there are few papers published specifically concerning worksites. The resources below may be useful to planners of WHP programs as they look at improving walkability in their workplaces.

Bradshaw, Chris. "Creating – and using – a rating system for neighborhood walkability: towards an agenda for "local heroes."
- A point-based walkability audit that addresses sidewalk conditions, density, parking, sitting spots, chance of meeting an acquaintance, children's independence, women's perceived safety, transit, parks and ‘places of significance.'

Dixon, Linda B. "Bicycle and Pedestrian Level-of-Service Performance Measures and  Standards for Congestion Management Systems." Transportation Research Record 1538. pp. 1-9.
- Level-of-Service evaluation of pedestrian accommodation in a transportation corridor used in Gainesville, FL. Includes specific measures of pedestrian facilities.

"Heart Check for Physical Activity" New York State Department of Health, Healthy Heart Program
- An interview-based survey designed to assess physical activity as it pertains to a heart healthy lifestyle.

U.S. Department of Justice. "ADA Standards for Accessible Design." [PDF-4.58Mb]
- Guidelines to assess ADA compliance.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute. "Evaluating Nonmotorized Transport" TDM
Encyclopedia. May 7, 2003
- An extensive summary of relevant travel surveys and techniques to evaluate existing conditions. Also includes a definition of ‘walkability.'

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