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Implementing Your Discount Fitness Club Network

After the agreement for discount fitness club membership services is finalized and your communication plan is complete, it will be time to roll out the program to your employees. The following suggestions will help you get the most from your discount fitness club network (DFCN) launch:

Carrying Out the Communication Plan

Agree on a day and time when activities will be rolled out, and launch them accordingly. Prior to the launch date, inform the appropriate DFCN representatives of your plans and work through any last minute details. Resolve unexpected issues as quickly as possible, altering the communication plan as needed.

Documenting Lessons Learned

Launching your DFCN will be a learning experience for you. As soon as the communication plan gets underway, you should begin measuring how well communication activities are progressing and how your employees are responding to the project. Keep a record of the feedback and questions received from employees and staff members.

Debriefing Stakeholders

After the initial launch of your DFCN, meet with staff members and other stakeholders to report on the progress of the project and lessons learned and to assign ongoing "to dos." It is important to consider the following issues:

  • Which activities need additional or ongoing attention?
  • Which activities were most effective?
  • Has the services agreement been mutually satisfying for you and the DFCN provider? Is the DFCN provider meeting project requirements and expectations? Have they received all of the information and input from you to do so?

Next Steps

After implementing your DFCN, identify and implement changes that resolve any emerging issues and begin planning for the ongoing operation of your DFCN.

DFCN Example Tools

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