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Maintaining Interest

Hopefully your communication plan and the lessons learned during your initial launch will address many of the issues that may arise during your discount fitness club network’s (DFCN) ongoing operation, but continued project management and promotion are important for the long-term success of your DFCN. This practice will allow you to effectively take advantage of unexpected opportunities and respond to unanticipated issues.

Periodically revisit the communication plan to determine if new strategies are needed to sustain interest in the project. Consider developing a Frequently Asked Questions page for internal use or dissemination on an Intranet site. The following are some of the most common questions received:

  • Is Club X a member of this program?
  • Why isn’t Club X a member?
  • How could I get Club X to become a member?
  • May all staff use the program?
  • The network doesn’t include any clubs in my town. Why not?
  • I just signed a 2-year contract at my current gym. Can I get out of it?

Next Steps

After your DFCN has been operating successfully for a few months, begin to think about more formally evaluating the success of the project and implementing improvements.

DFCN Example Tools

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