Vasa nervorum

Vasa nervorum are small arteries that provide blood supply to peripheral nerves. These vessels supply blood to interior parts of nerves [1] and their coverings.[2]

Associated pathologic conditions

Small vessels like vasa vasorum and vasa nervorum are particularly susceptible to external mechanical compression.[2] A decrease in blood flow through the vasa nervorum has been implicated in the development of diabetic neuropathy. Arteritis of the vasa nervorum leads to mononeuritis multiplex or polyneuropathy.[3] Occlusion of vasa nervorum at the level of the epineurial arterioles leads to ischemia of nerves, leading to vasculitic neuropathy.[3][4] and has been implicated as the cause in a few cases of facial nerve paralysis.[3] During invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, injecting a vasoconstrictor close to a nerve can reduce perfusion to its supplying vessel, risking ischemic nerve injury.[5]


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