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Healthcare Cost Data

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  • In 2006, disability-associated health care expenditures accounted for 26.7% of all health care expenditures for adults residing in the United States and totaled $397.8 billion, with state expenditures ranging from $598 million in Wyoming to $40.1 billion in New York. Of the national total:
    • Medicare paid $118.9 billion.
    • Medicaid paid $161.1 billion.
    • Non-public sources paid $117.8 billion.
  • In part, the magnitude of disability-associated health care expenditures stemmed from the high prevalence of disability among the adult population, with 18.2% of all adults reporting a limitation in some way in at least one activity because of physical, mental, or emotional problems.

View your state’s economic costs for disability-associated health-care expenditures below.