Supraglenoid tubercle

The supraglenoid tubercle is a region of the scapula from which the long head of the biceps brachii muscle originates. It is a small, rough projection superior to the glenoid cavity near the base of the coracoid process. The term supraglenoid is from the Latin supra meaning above and glenoid meaning socket or cavity.[1]

Supraglenoid tubercle
Left scapula. Lateral view. Supraglenoid tubercle labeled in red.
Bones of left shoulder. Supraglenoid tubercle shown in red.
LatinTuberculum supraglenoidale
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Clinical relevance

Biceps tendonitis originates on the long head of the biceps brachii at the supraglenoid tubercle in 30% of cases. The symptom is generally anterior biceps instability but the disease can also be characterized by chronic anterior shoulder pain which radiates towards the lateral part of the elbow.[2] In cases of biceps tendinitis, steroids can be injected fluoroscopically at the supraglenoid tubercle to reduce pain associated with the pathology.[3]

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