Pelvic outlet

The lower circumference of the lesser pelvis is very irregular; the space enclosed by it is named the inferior aperture or pelvic outlet. It is an important component of pelvimetry.

Pelvic outlet
Diameters of inferior aperture of lesser pelvis (female).
Muscles of the female perineum.
Latinapertura pelvis inferior
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It has the following boundaries:

  • anteriorly: the pubic arch
  • laterally: the ischial tuberosities
  • posterolaterally: the inferior margin of the sacrotuberous ligament
  • posteriorly: the anterior border of the middle of the coccyx.[1]


These eminences are separated by three notches:

In situ

When the ligaments are in situ, the inferior aperture of the pelvis is lozenge-shaped, bounded as follows:

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