Pectineal line (pubis)

The pectineal line of the pubis (also pecten pubis) is a ridge on the superior ramus of the pubic bone. It forms part of the pelvic brim.

Pectineal line (pubis)
Female pelvis. Pectineal line in purple slightly lateral to midline of bottom of central opening.
Right hip bone. External surface., with pectineal line corresponding to the "Pectineus" area demarcated in red at right.
LatinLinea pectinea ossis pubis,
Pecten ossis pubis
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Lying across from the pectineal line are fibers of the pectineal ligament, and the proximal origin of the pectineus muscle.

In combination with the arcuate line, it makes the iliopectineal line.[1]


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