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Violence Education Tools Online (VetoViolence)

VetoViolence Are you a violence prevention practitioner who is busy, short on time, doing more with less, and looking for ways to maximize your resources?

If yes, you should check out the place to find Violence Education Tools Online, better known as the VetoViolence Website.

Since its debut in 2009, the VetoViolence website has been—and continues to be—an ever-expanding site that provides free, interactive, and engaging violence prevention tools and trainings. Each resource is based on the best available evidence and research to help you stop violence—before it happens in your community.

Visit VetoViolence today to find the following features:

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Snapshot

This is a resource that will help you understand the landmark Kaiser ACE Study. The resource answers questions like how can we use ACE study data to prevent ACEs from occurring? Learn more today.

Dating Matters Training

This is a free online course in which you can learn how to improve the health of teens and to prevent teen dating violence. Take the training today.

Principles of Prevention

This is a free online training in which you will learn how to apply the key concepts of primary prevention, the public health approach, and the social-ecological model to your violence prevention work. Take the training today.

Understanding Evidence

This is where you can learn the value of making evidence-informed decisions around violence prevention. You will discover the three types of evidence involved in decision-making, look at different data collection methodologies, and identify standards of practice in research evidence and factors that can influence decisions. Start using evidence to inform your practice activities today.

Success Stories

This is a tool you can use to create, save, download, and edit your stories of successful violence prevention efforts. The tool allows you to showcase your success with your partners. Start your success story today.

Dating Matters Capacity Assessment Tool

This is an online system that will help you assess and monitor your capacity for implementing a comprehensive teen dating violence initiative. The tool will help you gather information, generate reports, and work with partners to determine capacity priorities and to develop action plans. Start your assessment today.


This is a tool that will help you put evaluation to work. Through the tool you will learn the dos and don’ts of evaluation, debunk evaluation myths, and create, save, download, and edit your logic model and evaluation plan. Start your plan today.

STRYVE Online Resources

This is a space with everything you need to create, edit, and save a customized youth violence prevention plan. Find support for everything from building your team, establishing goals, selecting evidence-based strategies, and measuring your progress. Start your youth violence prevention plan today.

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