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Make a Healthy Splash!

Make a Healthy Splash



Title: Make a Healthy Splash!

Sub-title: Swallowing water in interactive fountains, splash pads, and spray parks might make you sick.

Germs can get into the water through poop coming out or washing off our bodies. Swallowing water containing germs can make you sick with diarrhea.

  • Water in interactive fountains is typically recycled and might contain germs.
  • Water treatments like chlorine don’t kill germs instantly.
  • Pee in water weakens the germ-killing power of chlorine.

Keep pee and poop OUT of the water.


  • Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea.
  • Take bathroom breaks every 60 minutes.
  • Check diapers every 30-60 minutes and change diapers away from the water.


  • DON’T drink the water.
  • DON’T sit on the water jets.