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Resources for the Media

On this page you will find materials that were presented during a dengue course for journalists held at the Puerto Rico Department of Health in collaboration with the CDC Dengue Branch. You will also find other reference materials and links related to dengue. Though some of this content included in these materials is specific to Puerto Rico, most of the content offered on this site is applicable to any audience. Please feel free to use these materials to aid your reporting and share this webpage with your colleagues or other journalists who cover dengue-related stories.

Fact Sheets and Posters

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Materials for Vector Control Professionals

Course Materials


Dengue key health messages [PDF – 4 pages]
en Español [PDF – 4 pages]

Dengue vocabulary terms [PDF – 2 pages]
en Español [PDf 2 pages]

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Salud Boricua – A community health project for Puerto Rico. People who register in this website can report disease symptoms, see where other people are getting sick, and find related health information about dengue, influenza, and leptospirosis.

Dengue Surveillance Weekly Report – The Dengue Surveillance Weekly Report provides current information about suspected and confirmed dengue cases in Puerto Rico every week.

Puerto Rico Department of Health –The official site of the Government of Puerto Rico, Department of Health.

Health Map/Dengue – A CDC Health Map collaboration that collects recent reports of local and regional dengue or imported cases of dengue from official, newspaper, and other media sources.

Public Health Image Library (PHIL) – The Public Health Image Library (PHIL) offers an organized, universal electronic gateway to CDC’s pictures. The content is organized into categories of people, places, and science, and is presented as single images, image sets, and multimedia files.

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Aedes aegypti Adult Mosquito

Aedes aegypti Adult Mosquito [Larger Image]

Aedes aegypti Adult Mosquito taking a blood meal

Aedes aegypti Adult Mosquito taking a blood meal [Larger Image]


Aedes aegypti single larva

Aedes aegypti single larva [Larger Image]

Aedes aegypti, multiple larvae

Aedes aegypti, multiple larvae [Larger Image]


Aedes aegypti, single pupa

Aedes aegypti, single pupa [Larger Image]

Aedes aegypti, two pupa

Aedes aegypti, two pupa [Larger Image]

Dengue Prevention Photos

woman dumping water out of a cooler

water being dumped out of a cooler [Larger Image]

water being dumped out of a flower vase

water being dumped out of a flower vase [Larger Image]

standing water in an oil barrel

standing water in an oil barrel [Larger Image]

standing water in a plant tray

standing water in a plant tray [Larger Image]