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EHDI Guidance Manual

How to Make Your EHDI Data System a Useful Tool: A practical guide to moving beyond the basics

This resource from the CDC EHDI Team provides information that can help support state- and territorial-based EHDI programs in their tracking and surveillance activities. It builds on the 2003 Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program Guidance Manual. The focus of this new version is on data and the EHDI information systems (EHDI-IS) that help ensure that all infants are screened for hearing loss and receive recommend diagnostic testing and intervention services.

Ideally, an EHDI-IS is not just a data repository; it is an integral, dynamic tool that supports a program’s work. Achieving an EHDI-IS that best fulfills its role requires thoughtful planning, development, and evaluation. The concepts introduced in this guidance manual can help you optimize your EHDI-IS and support your program’s work towards its ultimate goal.

This new resource is currently includes 6 chapters:

Additional chapters currently in development include:

  • Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of the EHDI-IS
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the EHDI-IS