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Countermeasure Inventory Tracking (CIT) Dashboard

Countermeasure Inventory Tracking (CIT) is a national system used by federal and state emergency response authorities, which provides the ability to track the availability of critical medical countermeasures within the commercial drug sector as well as state public health agencies during public health emergencies. By receiving timely data on inventory and distribution of key pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, CDC will be better prepared to ensure that critical countermeasures reach vulnerable populations during an emergency. Voluntary participation of pharmaceutical and medical equipment suppliers is essential to successful planning for events that may impact our national future.

CIT is designed to allow federal and state public health emergency managers to partner effectively with the private sector during a public health event. Using CIT, the commercial drug sector can share information about available quantities and ability to meet current demand. This information will be combined with corresponding data from the Inventory Management and Tracking System (IMATS) and other inventory management systems, to provide a complete picture of countermeasure availability, thus enabling CDC to make timely, accurate, and effective decisions during a major public health event.

Items CIT tracks include pharmaceuticals and medical materials including ventilators, masks, or other personal protective equipment (PPE) needed during public health emergencies. CIT was used during the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Event to track antivirals, N-95 respirators, and surgical masks.

The CIT system supports Public Health in the following ways:

  • Enables CDC to make more effective decisions in regard to the release of federal medical materials
  • Provides awareness of critical medical products supply in the private sector during a public health emergency
  • Enhances coordination with private sector for emergency response

View the CIT Fact Sheet.