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Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (OCISO) Privacy Act System Notices – Systems of Records Notices (SORNs)

Table of Contents

09-20-0001 Certifying Interpreting Physician File. HHS/CDC/NIOSH.
09-20-0055 Administrative Files for Research/Demonstration and Training Grants, and Cooperative Agreements Applications. HHS/CDC/PGO.
09-20-0089 Studies of Treatment of Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterioses. HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-20-0090 Studies of Testing for Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterioses. HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-20-0096 Records of Tuskegee Study Health Benefit Recipients. HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-20-0102 Alien Mental Waiver Program. HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-20-0103 Alien Tuberculosis Follow-up Program. HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-20-0106 Specimen Handling for Testing and Related Data. HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-20-0112 Fellowship Program and Guest Researcher Records. HHS/CDC/AHRC.
09-20-0113 Epidemic Investigation Case Records. HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-20-0117 Medical and Test Record Results of Individuals Involved in NIOSH Laboratory Studies. HHS/CDC/NIOSH.
09-20-0118 Study at Work Sites Where Agents Suspected of Being Occupational Hazards Exist. HHS/CDC/NIOSH.
09-20-0136 Epidemiologic Studies and Surveillance of Disease Problems. HHS/CDC.
09-20-0137 Passport File. HHS/CDC/COGH.
09-20-0138 Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers Files. HHS/CDC/OWCD.
09-20-0147 Occupational Health Epidemiological Studies and EEOICPA Program Records and WTC Health Program Records, HHS/CDC/NIOSH.
09-20-0149 Morbidity Studies in Coal Mining, Metal and Non-metal Mining and General Industry. HHS/CDC/NIOSH.
09-20-0153 Mortality Studies in Coal Mining, Metal and Non-metal Mining and General Industry. HHS/CDC/NIOSH.
09-20-0154 Medical and Laboratory Studies. HHS/CDC/NIOSH.
09-20-0157 Clinical Laboratory Personnel Proficiency Test Results (Medicare). HHS/CDC/CoCHIS.
09-20-0159 Records of Subjects in Certification, Testing, Studies of Personal Protective Devices, and Accident Investigations. HHS/CDC/NIOSH.
09-20-0160 Records of Subjects in Health Promotion and Education Studies. HHS/CDC/CoCHP.
09-20-0161 Records of Health Professionals in Disease Prevention and Control Training Programs. HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-20-0162 Records of Subjects in Agent Orange, Vietnam Experience, and Selected Cancers Studies. HHS/CDC/CCEHIP.
09-20-0163 Applicants for National Center for Health Statistics Technical Assistance. HHS/CDC/CoCHIS/NCHS. (Formerly numbered 09-37-0009.)
09-20-0164 Health and Demographic Surveys Conducted in Probability Samples of the United States Population. HHS/CDC/ CoCHIS/NCHS. (Formerly numbered 09-37-0010.)
09-20-0165 Health Facilities’ Inventories and Surveys. HHS/CDC/ CoCHIS/NCHS. (Formerly numbered 09-37-0011.)
09-20-0166 Vital Statistics for Births, Deaths, Fetal Deaths, Marriages, and Divorces Occurring in the United States During Each Year. HHS/CDC/CoCHIS/NCHS. (Formerly numbered 09-37-0012.)
09-20-0167 Health Care Statistics. HHS/CDC/CoCHIS/NCHS. (Formerly numbered 09-37-0013.)
09-20-0168 Curricula Vitae of Consultants to the National Center for Health Statistics. HHS/CDC/CoCHIS/NCHS. (Formerly numbered 09-37-0014.)
09-20-0169 Users of Health Statistics. HHS/CDC/CoCHIS/NCHS. (Formerly numbered 09-37-0016.)
09-20-0170 National Select Agent Registry (NSAR)/Select Agent Transfer and Entity Registration Information System (SATERIS), HHS/CDC/COTPER.
09-20-0171 Quarantine- and Traveler-Related Activities, Including Records for Contact Tracing Investigation and Notification under 42 CFR Parts 70 and 71, HHS/CDC/CCID.
09-19-0001 Records of Persons Exposed or Potentially Exposed to Toxic or Hazardous Substances. HHS/ATSDR.



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