Superior vesical artery

The superior vesical artery supplies numerous branches to the upper part of the bladder.

Superior vesical artery
Male internal iliac artery and some of its branches. Superior vesical labeled at left.
Sourceumbilical artery, or anterior trunk of internal iliac artery
VeinVesical venous plexus
SuppliesUrinary bladder, ureter
Latinarteriae vesicales superiores
Anatomical terminology



The first part of the superior vesical artery represents the terminal section of the previous portion of the umbilical artery (fetal hypogastric artery).


The middle vesical artery, usually a branch of the superior vesical artery, is distributed to the fundus of the bladder and the seminal vesicles. This artery is not usually described in modern anatomy textbooks. Instead, it is described that the superior vesical artery may exist as multiple vessels that arise from a common origin.


Other branches supply the ureter.


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