Obturator canal

The obturator canal is a passageway formed in the obturator foramen by part of the obturator membrane. It connects the pelvis to the thigh.

Obturator canal
Obturator canal, above the obturator membrane
The relations of the femoral and abdominal inguinal rings, seen from within the abdomen. Right side. (Obturator canal not labeled, but visible at bottom center.)
Latincanalis obturatorius
Anatomical terminology

The obturator artery, obturator vein, and obturator nerve all travel through the canal.


Variations in origin and course of obturator artery. (Obturator canal not labeled, but visible at bottom center of each diagram.)

An obturator hernia is a type of hernia involving an intrusion into the obturator canal.

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