Middle rectal veins

The middle rectal veins (or middle hemorrhoidal vein) take origin in the hemorrhoidal plexus and receive tributaries from the bladder, prostate, and seminal vesicle.

Middle rectal veins
Scheme of the anastomosis of the veins of the rectum
Drains fromrectum
Drains tointernal iliac vein
Arterymiddle rectal artery
Latinvenae rectales mediae
Anatomical terminology

They run lateralward on the pelvic surface of the levator ani to end in the internal iliac vein. Veins superior to the middle rectal vein in the colon and rectum drain via the portal system to the liver. Veins inferior, and including, the middle rectal vein drain into systemic circulation and are returned to the heart, bypassing the liver.


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