Medial rectus muscle

The medial rectus muscle is a muscle in the orbit.

Medial rectus
Rectus muscles:
2 = superior, 3 = inferior, 4 = medial, 5 = lateral
Oblique muscles: 6 = superior, 8 = inferior
Other muscle: 9 = levator palpebrae superioris
Other structures: 1 = Annulus of Zinn, 7 = Trochlea, 10 = Superior tarsus, 11 = Sclera, 12 = Optic nerve
Figure showing the mode of innervation of the Recti medialis and lateralis of the eye.
Originannulus of Zinn at the orbital apex
Insertion5.5 mm medial to the limbus
Nerveinferior division of the oculomotor nerve
Actionsadducts the eyeball (makes it move inwards)
Latinmusculus rectus medialis bulbi
Anatomical terms of muscle

As with most of the muscles of the orbit, it is innervated by the inferior division of the oculomotor nerve (Cranial Nerve III).

This muscle shares an origin with several other extrinsic eye muscles, the anulus tendineus, or common tendon.

It is shorter but stronger than the other orbital recti muscles.[1]

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