List of terms of lung size and activity

Following are terms that specify a type of lung size and/or activity. More specific definitions may be found in individual articles.

  • Eupnea - normal breathing
  • Apnea - absence of breathing
  • Bradypnea - decreased breathing rate
  • Dyspnea or shortness of breath - sensation of respiratory distress
  • Hyperaeration/Hyperinflation - increased lung volume
  • Hyperpnea - fast and deep breathing
  • Hyperventilation - increased breathing that causes CO2 loss
  • Hypopnea - slow and shallow breathing
  • Hypoventilation - decreased breathing that causes CO2 gain
  • Labored breathing - physical presentation of respiratory distress
  • Tachypnea - increased breathing rate
  • Orthopnea - Breathlessness in lying down position relieved by sitting up or standing
  • Platypnea - Breathlessness when seated or standing, relieved by lying flat
  • Trepopnea - Breathlessness when lying flat relieved by lying in a lateral position
  • Ponopnea - Painful breathing

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