List of target antigens in pemphigoid

Circulating auto-antibodies in the human body can target normal parts of the skin leading to disease. This is a list of antigens in the skin that may become targets of circulating auto-antibodies leading to the various types of pemphigoid.

Target antigens for the different pemphigoid variants
Pemphigoid variantAntibody isotypeAntigenMolecular weight (KDa)
Bullous pemphigoidIgG, IgE[1]NC16A terminal of BPAG2
Herpes gestationisIgG1NC16A terminal of BPAG2
Cicatricial pemphigoidC-terminal of BPAG2180
Ocular cicatricial pemphigoidIntegrin beta-4 subunit200
Antiepiligrin cicatricial pemphigoid[nb 1]Laminin 5 (Epiligrin, Laminin 332)
Linear IgA bullous dermatosisLAD1 portion of BPAG2
Collagen type VII
Protein 105 pemphigoidProtein in lower lamina lucida105

Of note, there are also several other diseases that are caused by auto-antibodies that target the same anatomic area of the skin which is termed the basement membrane zone. These diseases include:

Target antigens for the different autoimmune bullous conditions targeting the basement membrane zone of the human integumentary system, excluding pemphigoid
DiseaseAntibody isotypeAntigenMolecular weight (KDa)
Epidermolysis bullosa acquisitaCollagen type VII290/145
Bullous lupus erythematosusCollagen type VII290/145
Lichen planus pemphigoides[nb 2]BPAG2180


  1. The antiepiligrin variant of cicatricial pemphigoid is associated with gastric cancer.
  2. In this condition bullae develop on skin already affected by lesions of lichen planus as well as on areas of skin without lesions of lichen planus.

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