List of immunofluorescence findings for autoimmune bullous conditions

Several cutaneous conditions can be diagnosed with the aid of immunofluorescence studies.

Cutaneous conditions with positive direct or indirect immunofluorescence when using salt-split skin include:

Antibody isotype(s) and location of antibody deposition in immunofluorescence studies using salt-split skin for autoimmune bullous conditions targeting the basement membrane zone of the human integumentary system
ConditionAntibody isotype(s) depositedLocalization of antibody with use of salt-split skin
Antiepilegrin cicatricial pemphigoidIgGDermal
Bullous lupus erythematosusDermal
Bullous pemphigoidIgGEpidermal
Cicatricial pemphigoidIgGEpidermal
Epidermolysis bullosa acquisitaIgGDermal
Linear IgA bullous dermatosisIgAEpidermal
Orf-induced immunobullous diseaseIgGDermal
Pemphigoid gestationisIgGEpidermal

For several subtypes of pemphigus a variety of substrates are used for indirect immunofluorescence:

Substrates used in indirect immunofluorescence studies for the different pemphigus variants
Pemphigus variantSubstrate
Pemphigus foliaceousGuinea pig esophagus
Pemphigus vulgarisMonkey esophagus
IgA pemphigusCultured skin
Paraneoplastic pemphigusRat bladder

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