Iliolumbar artery

The iliolumbar artery is the first branch of the posterior trunk of the internal iliac artery.

Iliolumbar artery
The veins of the right half of the male pelvis. (Iliolumbar artery not labeled, but Iliolumbar vein visible at center right.)
SourceInternal iliac artery
Veiniliolumbar vein
LatinArteria iliolumbalis
Anatomical terminology


The iliolumbar artery turns upward behind the obturator nerve and the external iliac artery and vein, to the medial border of the psoas major, behind which it divides into:


  • 1. Last lumbar→iliolumbar
  • 2. Lateral sacral↔lateral sacral
  • 3. Middle sacral→lateral sacral
  • 4. Superior hemorrhoidal→middle hemorrhoidal
  • 5. Medial femoral circumflex→inferior gluteal
  • 6. Medial femoral circumflex↔obturator
  • 7. Lateral femoral circumflex→superior gluteal
  • 8. Deep iliac circumflex→superior gluteal
  • 9. Deep iliac circumflex→external iliac
  • 10. Last lumbar→superior gluteal
  • 11. Last lumbar→deep iliac circumflex
  • 12. Iliolumbar→deep iliac circumflex.[1]

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