Ileocolic artery

The ileocolic artery is the lowest branch arising from the concavity of the superior mesenteric artery.

Ileocolic artery
Arteries of cecum and vermiform process. (Terminal part of Ileocolic labeled at upper right.)
The superior mesenteric artery and its branches. (Ileocolic artery not labeled, but visible at bottom left.)
Sourcesuperior mesenteric artery
Branchesappendicular artery
anterior cecal artery
posterior cecal artery
Veinileocolic vein
Latinarteria ileocolica
Anatomical terminology

It passes downward and to the right behind the peritoneum toward the right iliac fossa, where it divides into a superior and an inferior branch; the inferior gives rise to the appendicular artery and anastomoses with the end of the superior mesenteric artery, the superior with the right colic artery. Supplies the cecum, ileum, and appendix.


The inferior branch of the ileocolic runs toward the upper border of the ileocolic junction and supplies the following branches:

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