Supratrochlear artery

The supratrochlear artery (or frontal artery), one of the terminal branches of the ophthalmic artery, branches off where the ophthalmic artery travels posterior to the trochlea.

Supratrochlear artery
The ophthalmic artery and its branches (supratrochlear artery labeled at center top)
The arteries of the face and scalp (supratrochlear artery labeled at upper right, above eye)
SourceOphthalmic artery
SuppliesForehead: integument, muscles, and pericranium
LatinArteria supratrochlearis, arteria frontalis
Anatomical terminology


It leaves the orbit at its medial angle by piercing the orbital septum with the supratrochlear nerve, and, ascending on the forehead, supplies the integument, muscles, and pericranium, anastomosing with the supraorbital artery, and with the artery of the opposite side.


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