Cranial fossa

Cranial fossa is formed by the floor of the cranial cavity.

Cranial fossa
Three cranial fossae and its boundaries.

1: Sphenoidal limbus (anterior margin of the chiasmatic groove)
2: Posterior borders of the lesser wings of the sphenoid
3: Dorsum sellae of the sphenoid bone
4: Superior borders of the petrous part of the temporal bone

5: Groove for transverse sinus of the occipital bone
Anatomical terminology

Cranial fossa is divided into three distinct part and can be referred to:

  • Anterior cranial fossa (fossa cranii anterior), houses the projecting frontal lobes of the brain
  • Middle cranial fossa (fossa cranii media), separated from the posterior fossa by the clivus and the petrous crest
  • Posterior cranial fossa (fossa cranii posterior), between the foramen magnum and tentorium cerebelli, contains the brainstem and cerebellum

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