Chlorocruorin is an oxygen-binding hemeprotein present in the blood plasma of many annelids, particularly certain marine polychaetes.[1][2][3] Its affinity for oxygen is weaker than that of most hemoglobins. A dichromatic compound, chlorocruorin is noted for appearing green in dilute solutions, though it appears light red when found in concentrated solutions.[4][5][6]


Its structure is very similar to erythrocruorin (which is likewise very similar to multiple subunits of myoglobin) and it contains many 16-17 kDa myoglobin-like subunits arranged in a giant complex of over a hundred subunits with interlinking proteins as well with a total weight exceeding 3600 kDa. The only significant difference between chlorocruorin and erythrocruorin is that chlorocruorin carries an abnormal heme group structure.[7] This enormous macromolecule is typically found free floating in the plasma, and not contained within red blood cells.[7][8]


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