Buccal artery

The buccal artery (buccinator artery) is a small artery in the head. It branches off the second part of the maxillary artery and supplies the cheek and buccinator muscle.

Buccal artery
Branches of the maxillary artery
Plan of branches of maxillary artery
SourceMaxillary artery (2nd part)
Branches7th and 8th posterior intercostal arteries
SuppliesCheek and buccinator muscle
LatinArteria buccalis, arteria buccinatoria
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It runs obliquely forward, between the pterygoideus internus and the insertion of the temporalis, to the outer surface of the buccinator, to which it is distributed, anastomosing with branches of the facial artery and with the infraorbital. From the infraorbital area, it descends bilaterally in the superficial face along the lateral margin of the nose, then running anti-parallel to the facial artery across the lateral oral region.

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