Atrial branches of coronary arteries

The atrial branches of right coronary artery derive from the right coronary artery and provide part of the blood supply to the right atrium and left atrium.

Atrial branches of coronary arteries
Sternocostal surface of heart.
RCA = right coronary
AB = atrial branches
SANB = sinuatrial nodal
RMA = right marginal
LCA = left coronary
CB = circumflex branch
LAD/AIB = anterior interventricular
LMA = left marginal
PIA/PDA = posterior descending
MARG = left marginal
AVN = atrioventricular nodal

SCV = small cardiac
ACV = anterior cardiac
AIV/GCV = great cardiac
MCV = middle cardiac
CS = coronary sinus
Sourceright coronary artery
Latinrami atriales arteriae coronariae dextrae
Anatomical terminology

Although named for the right coronary artery in Terminologia anatomica, a portion of the blood supply to the atria derives from the Circumflex branch of left coronary artery.

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