Aryepiglottic muscle

The aryepiglottic muscle is an intrinsic muscle of the larynx.[1]

Aryepiglotticus muscle
Sagittal section of the larynx and upper part of the trachea (arytenoideus visible at center right)
OriginApex of arytenoid
InsertionLateral border of epiglottis
ArteryLarygeal branch of superior thyroid artery
NerveInferior laryngeal nerve (from the vagus nerve)
ActionsClose the inlet
LatinPars aryepiglottica musculi arytaenoidei obliqui, musculus aryepiglotticus
Anatomical terms of muscle

The muscle originates from the muscular process of arytenoid cartilage and inserts to the aryepiglottic fold and lateral border of epiglottis. Aryepiglottic muscle is innervated by the inferior laryngeal nerve, a branch of the recurrent laryngeal nerve (a branch of the vagus nerve). The muscle adducts arytenoid cartilages and acts as a sphincter on laryngeal inlet.[1][2]

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