Anterior median fissure of spinal cord

The anterior median fissure of the spinal cord has an average depth of about 3 mm, but this is increased in the lower part of the spinal cord.

Anterior median fissure of spinal cord
A spinal nerve with its anterior and posterior roots.
Transverse section of the medulla spinalis in the mid-thoracic region.
Latinfissura mediana anterior medullae spinalis
Anatomical terminology

It contains a double fold of pia mater, and its floor is formed by a transverse band of white substance, the anterior white commissure, which is perforated by blood vessels on their way to or from the central part of the medulla spinalis.

The anterior median fissure provides a groove in which the anterior spinal artery sits. From here, it provides the anterior part of the spinal cord. It is sourced from the segmental medullary arteries and the segmental spinal arteries which are sourced from the intercostal arteries.

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  • Atlas image: n2a5p1 at the University of Michigan Health System - "Medulla Oblongata, Anterior View"

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