Ampulla of Fallopian tube

The ampulla is the third portion of the fallopian tube. It is an intermediate dilated portion, which curves over the ovary.

Ampulla of Fallopian tube
1: Ovary
2: Medial surface
3: Lateral surface
4: Free border
5: Mesovarial margin
6: Tubal extremity
7: Uterine extremity
8: Fallopian tube
9: Opening of fallopian tube
10: Infundibulum of fallopian tube
11: Fimbriae of fallopian tube
12: Ovarian fimbria
13: Ampulla of fallopian tube
14: Isthmus of fallopian tube
15: Uterine part of fallopian tube
16: Uterine opening of fallopian tube
Latinampulla tubae Fallopian
Anatomical terminology

It is the most common site of human fertilization.

The word ampulla is from Latin for flask.

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